Q & A

Q. What do you value?
A. Grace. Authenticity. Community.

Q. What’s your Vision?
A.We want to be a part of God’s restoration of brokenness in the world and in our lives. Our vision is that every thirst is quenched by Living Water.

Q. On a practical level, what really happens at South Main?
A. We worship. We discover. We share. Together. We think through worshiping with each other and on our own, we find peace. Through learning and discipleship, we discover what God wants for us while at the same time developing deep and abiding friendships and a real sense of love and community. In sharing our gifts, our resources, and ourselves, we find true joy because God has made us so that we flourish while on the path of self-giving.

Q. What time do y’all start?
A. We have two worship services on most Sunday mornings, at 9:00 AM and 11:20 AM. In between, at 10:10 AM, we have Bible study for all ages and life stations. In addition, we have a fellowship meal on Wednesday evenings in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30 PM and a time of prayer and adult level Bible study beginning at 6:20. There are appropriate and engaging events for children and youth during all of these activities.

Q. Is SMBC wheel chair/handicapped accessible?
A. Yes. We have handicap access to all areas in the church. Please come to the welcome center (circular drive on the northern building facing Main Street) or to the drive with the overhang on Colquitt (on the Southern side of the campus.)

Q. Is SMBC part of the Southern Baptist Convention?
A. Nope. South Main was a Southern Baptist church for over ninety years, but voted to leave the Southern Baptist Convention and now partners with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship for missions, human welfare, and education projects.

Q. What kind of Children’s activities are offered?
A. All of our children’s activities are developed to create exciting and interesting ways for them to discover more about Jesus, the way He lived, and how He wants us to live. Every week throughout the school year, our children, three years old and up, share their time and gifts through missions work helping church family members, people in need in our neighborhood, and others around the world. The foundation of all these opportunities are South Main members who love and cherish children. We know how important it is for children to feel safe and loved and feel there are few things that shine His light like the giggle from a child.

Q. What type of security do we have in place to ensure the safety of children attending activities at SMBC?
A. We employ professionally trained facility attendants to ensure that our campus is safe. These courteous gentlemen are often our first line greeters. They ensure that all people who come to South Main are treated with dignity and respect and that the campus is as safe as we can make it. Additionally, to ensure the safety of the children entrusted to our care at South Main we have instituted a comprehensive set of child protective policies designed to ensure that the volunteers who work with our children have both cleared a background check and been trained in how to appropriately and lovingly teach children.

Q. What kinds of Youth activities are offered?
A. We have a wonderful youth ministry dedicated to producing mature, Biblically informed young men and women in an atmosphere of fellowship and grace. Our youth ministry has assembled a team of dedicated church members to teach Bible study on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, as well as more focused opportunities for spiritual growth through mission trips and retreats.

Q. What kinds of Single Adult activities are offered?
A. In addition to age-divided Bible study on Sunday mornings, a number of our single adults meet for Bible study and Christian conversation every week on Tuesday nights at the church and of course play the same active, leading roles in the church as any other adult.

Q. What kinds of Senior Adult activities are offered?
A. Our Senior adults have numerous activities from which to choose. From regularly scheduled fellowship meals and events on the church campus to ongoing mission events all around Houston to trips across the state and around the world, our seniors are some of the most active anywhere.

Q. What is the S.M.I.L.E. program?
A. SMILE is one of the longest-tenured ministries on our campus. The goal of SMILE is to offer internationals a place for friendship and instruction in conversational English and American culture. SMILE volunteers serve as English teachers, instructors in sewing, cooking, arts and crafts, and clerical work. Through their efforts as friends and guides, the women and men who make up SMILE demonstrate the compassion and life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

Q. Can I have my wedding at SMBC?
A. Since marriages begin with weddings, we want to ensure that your wedding is a beautiful expression of your faith in Christ and your love for one another. We want each marriage to reflect the best traditions of the church and the unique relationship of the couple. Our sanctuary and chapel facilitate having a beautiful service of any size from the bride, groom, and the minister to literally a congregation of a thousand guests. While we do not rent our facilities to people who are not members of the church, we work with couples who have committed their lives to Christ and to this congregation to ensure they have prepared for marriage through a series of premarital counseling sessions. Additionally, we focus on keeping marriages healthy through ongoing Bible study and fellowship with other couples in your same life station. We also plan marriage enrichment retreats to keep those relationships growing in healthy ways.


We are a family of Grace, discovering Jesus Christ and sharing His Love with the world. Located in the heart of Midtown Houston, we draw family members from the seven surrounding counties and hope that very soon, you will join us.