Church Committees

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ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE:  Works with staff liaison to plan, implement, promote and supervise the general recreation program, and repair, maintain and replace sports and recreation equipment.

COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES:  Responsible for definition, review and update of all church committees/responsibilities; works with committees to give them a clear understanding of their areas of responsibility and extent of responsibility; recommends creation, combination, or discontinuance of committees as necessary.

COORDINATING COMMITTEE:  Provides continual, long-range planning and monitors implementation of recommendations adopted by the church.

DEACON NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Responsible to nominate qualified individuals to serve as Deacons of South Main Baptist Church.

DISCIPLESHIP COMMITTEE:  Responsible to challenge those attending South Main Baptist Church to become mature Christians by maximizing their commitment to Christ and His Church through worship, discovery and sharing.

FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Responsible for general financial plans and recommendations concerning fiscal matters, plans and oversees annual church budget, monitors financial operations and policies.

MISSIONS COMMITTEE:  Promotes mission education and action with South Main Baptist Church, supervises mission activity authorized by the church, and prepares recommendations for the portion of the church budget covering mission causes.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Responsible to nominate qualified church members to serve as officers, trustees, committee members, chairs of Service Ministries and members of select other ministry groups of, or related to, South Main Baptist Church.

OPERATIONS COMMITTEE:  Gives direction to the areas of auditing, insurance, legal, properties and real estate.

OUTREACH COMMITTEE:  Conceives and follows through with plans to bring people to Christ by attracting, connecting, and engaging new people into life with Christ and our church.

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE:  Works with the Pastor and Staff Administrator in setting policies and regulations concerning the employment of the church staff.

STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE:  Formulates general plans for financing the church’s annual operations through a stewardship campaign and keeps the membership informed of its progress; educates and encourages the church on scriptural giving and encourages pledging.

Service Ministries

AUDIO:  Operates lighting and sound systems for evening and weekend worship services and special events, and tapes worship services, Bible studies, and other activities and events as instructed by the Pastor, and coordinates maintenance of equipment with the Administrator.

BROADCAST:  Responsible for use and care of television equipment and videotaping of Sunday worship services and special events.

FOOD SERVICE:  Responsible for establishment of operating policies, financial operations, and recruitment of volunteers necessary to accomplish objectives of the food service program, cooperates with church staff to achieve efficient and harmonious operation of food service.

Library:  Serves as library staff, supervises the operations and maintenance of the library, participates in selection of books and audiovisual material, and promotes education and the library program.


Ministry Boards

AMAZING PLACE: The mission of Amazing Place is to provide fellowship, memory care and wellness for adults with mild to moderate memory loss and support to their families and the community.

EMERGENCY AID COALITION BOARD:  The lay leader of the EAC Board shall serve as chairman of the Emergency Aid Coalition Committee, which shall supervise and coordinate all present and future involvement of South Main Baptist Church in the activities of the Emergency Aid Coalition.

OSA BOARD OF ADVISORS:  As stated in its Articles of Incorporation with the State of Texas, the day-to-day management of Operacion San Andres (OSA or OSA-Texas) is vested in its Board of Directors.  To facilitate the ministries of OSA-Peru via non-profit corporation (OSA-Peru) was formed in 2006.  OSA-Peru operates solely under the guidance, funding, and direction of OSA-Texas.

S.E.A.R.C.H.:  Member represents South Main Baptist Church on the Council of Congregations to nominate and elect the Board of Directors of S.E.A.R.C.H., serves as liaison between S.E.A.R.C.H. and South Main Baptist Church.  Provides information on S.E.A.R.C.H. projects and needs, recruits volunteers for specific project, and solicits support for S.E.A.R.C.H. from the congregation.