Deacon Nominating Committee

The Office of Deacon

Deacon is an Anglicized version of the Greek word for servant, and the first ordained deacons were chosen to serve food to fellow Christians. Eventually, deacons were set apart for other service as well. Acts 6:1-6 and I Timothy 3:8-13 are Biblical references that help shape South Main Baptist Church’s interpretation of a deacon.

South Main deacons are men and women who are the servant leaders of the congregation. They are the front line of support for church activities and service and mission projects. They help the staff with pastoral care needs and serve the Lord’s Supper. As a group, deacons are instrumental in bringing experience and wisdom to important church business matters and initiatives.

The Deacon Nominating Committee is charged with considering new deacons from nominations submitted by the congregation. Congregation members are encouraged to nominate a person to be a new deacon who is:

  • An active participant in the organized Bible study program and worship services at South Main.
  • A consistent financial supporter toward the regular budget of South Main.
  • A believer in and supporter of the concept of a stable and harmonious home life as God’s basic unit of society.
  • Of the highest moral character. Every person who comes in contact with the candidate, whether at the church, in the business world, in the neighborhood or the home, should be inspired to live a more Christ-like life.
  • A spiritually mature follower of Jesus Christ who shows unselfish concern for others, being kind and hospitable to strangers and fellow Christians alike.

The Deacon Nominating Committee

The Deacon Nominating Committee is elected by South Main Baptist Church to consider the ordination of new deacons as well as determining which deacons are on active or reserve status, who is eligible to be a senior deacon, and setting apart honored deacons.  Current members of the committee members who do not have to be deacons, include:

Jan Barkley, Chair
Damon Ankenman
Linda Brupbacher
Doug Durand
Allison Elliott
Jim Flynt
Clint Pasche
Frank Stokes
Kristy Wade-Carroll
Beth Watson
Susan Moore, Staff liaison

The Deacon Nominating Committee requests your prayers as careful, confidential consideration is given to each candidate. The committee’s recommendations to the church will be presented at the quarterly church business meeting in October.


To recommend a person for deacon ordination, include important and pertinent information about the candidate using the online submission form or complete a hard copy form found around campus and hand it to a committee member or mail it or drop it off in the church office to the attention of Susan Moore. The Deacon Nominating Committee is soliciting recommendations for deacons until October 1, 2017. Click the link below to fill out an online nomination form.

Online Submission Form

Current Deacons


Jim H Barkley
Hart Brupbacher
Linda Brupbacher
Mark Chambers
Wade Cline
Bob Cooke
Dennis Downing
Angie Durand
Doug Durand
Brandt Edwards
Cathy Edwards
Anne Fowler
Brian Fowler
Jennifer Gribble
JoAnn Hopper
Ruben Jarrin
Jane Jefferies
David Johnson
Byron Keeling
Sherri Keeling
Alice Ketchand
Robert Ketchand
Wally Kronzer
Lore Lagrone
Lydia Law
Sam Law
John McCoy
Nancy McCoy
David McNiel
Nancy McNiel
Gail Musgrove
Gordan Musgrove
Kieth Payne
Sally Reed
Toni Richerson
Steve Sellers
Carol Shattuck
Dave Shattuck
Mike Shirl
Alan Smith
Sam Swart
Greg Taylor
Anne Tülek
Melinda Villaseñor
David Waggoner
Phyllis Waggoner
Ben Watson
Bill Windle


Janice Anderson
Jan Barkley
Stephen Bedford
Clarence Bell
Connie Bell
Bill Brown
Carla Brown
Joe Burt
Ruth Campos
Carol Carrier
Lainie Cline
Robin Cooke
David Corban
Joe Cowles
Barbara Cowles
Lloyd Culp
Mitch Cutsinger
Sandra Cutsinger
Jeff Dethrow
Martha Dethrow
Susan Downs
Mark Elliott
Glenda Fontenot
Melanie Fowler
Bill Glass
Kitty Glass
Larry Gray
Butch Green
Nell Green
Mark Gribble
Jerry Hamilton
Moo Sup Han
Pat Hardesty
Larry Heard
Bill Hippel
Linda Hopson
Andrea Hoxie
Ruben Jarrin
Randy Johnson
Kathryn Johnson
Todd Jurek
Kathy Kronzer
David Leyerle
Jack Mann
Arthur Marshall
Barry McCarty
Kenneth McClenny
Cleavy McKnight
Lynda McKnight
Ed Menger
Bill Moore
Cliff Nickel
John Odam
Peggy Odam
Arthur Parker
David Pitschmann
Steve Rader
Kim Randolph
Roman Reed
Scott Riggins
Tom Smart
David Smith
Frank Stokes
Doug Sullivan
Ann Sullivan
Cyd Thomas
Richard Tinsley
J. D. Walther
Kay Walther
Carl Wilks
Henry Williams
Paul Young


June Almond
Bill Anderson
Lue Bennett
Sylvia Bennett
Brent Berry
Cliff Brunson
Luis Campos
Bill Carpenter
Glenn Carvel
Ann Chaddick
Russ Chaddick
Ben Chambers
Knox Clark
Sarah Cole
Gillian Cooke
Gene Douthit
Spencer Gardner
Ken Hamilton
Roblyn Herndon
Gordon King
George Laing
Clarence Ledbetter
Daniel Louie
Sylvia Louie
Jim Marrs
Bill McDonald
Charles McRae
Al Moore
Betty Moss
Julian Moss
David Nance
Shirley Nix
John Palmer
Charles Porter
John Rogers
Betty Sellers
Harold Sellers
Andy Sikes
Kaye Sikes
Vince Smith
Bob Strawn
Jean Unger
Harold Wade
Virginia Westmoreland
Art Whitmer
Tom Williams
Waymon Worsham


Peter Almond
Damon Ankenman
Larry Carroll
Paul Cole
Bob Fowler
Larry Funderburk
Dorothy Griffin
Bobbye Lott


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