Given Kachepa, orphaned at age 9, brought to the United States at age 11, was one of the members of the famous Zambian Boy Choir who were enslaved by a Baptist Minister and his wife until rescued while singing at a church in Colleyville, Texas (Read the CNN Article OR watch the CNN interview with Given)

Felicia Hyde, is a speaker, advocate for the victims of slavery, and Juvenile Supervision Officer in Dallas, who began being exploited in the commercial sex trade at 15 years old. To learn more about Felicia, visit her website at

Lorenzo Ortiz, the Pastor of Emanuel Baptist Church of Laredo, Texas, who was as a young man himself a victim of trafficking and smuggling, and now ministers to at-risk and trafficked persons on the Texan and Mexican sides of the Border.

Nell Green, our CBF Field Personnel in Houston. She and her husband Butch work with the Islamic Community, Refugees, International Students, and Human Trafficking awareness and involvement (Read more at the CBF Blog)

Miriam Kagaso, originally from Africa, Mariam was brought into the United States under false pretenses where she was forced to work in a home. Although raised Muslim, she miraculously found truth in Jesus Christ and by her faith was able to escape the bondage of human trafficking. Today, she continues to share her testimony at churches, Mosaic Family Services and interviews at radio stations, such as 89.7 Power FM and KDKR 91.3 FM.


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Faith & Freedom: Midtown is in partnership with Faith & Freedom Week through United Against Human Trafficking (Formerly Houston Rescue and Restore). Additionally, thank you to Elijah Rising for their help and support for this event.

Nefarious and Not My Life may be checked out from the Church Library at South Main and watched prior to September 20th.

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