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a systematic plan

The Bible tells us story after generational story of how sharing creates beauty and hope. How discipline reaped unfathomable rewards for generations. Giving – and systematic giving in particular – focuses our hearts and minds. It helps us prioritize God’s lasting gifts for our lives. Practically speaking, it levels out cash flow for the church so our ministers and lay leaders can confidently implement the ministry plans of the church.


a way for every giver

in worship: bring cash or a check to worship & place it in the offering plate
at your computer or tablet: give online to transfer cash or charge a credit card
on your phone: text 713-999-4142 & follow the prompts – learn how here
enroll in auto draft: set the day each week or month to auto-draft your gift
non-cash or legacy gifts: email call Jill Faragher at 713-529-4167 ext. 220 to confidentially explore these options
pledge: fill out a pledge card here, or if you feel more comfortable printing out a pledge card and giving it to the church office; a printable copy can be found here


a financial peace

Learning to steward financial resources God’s way isn’t something we wake up at age 50 suddenly knowing how to do. Find your path to financial peace so you can live in joy and generously give with confidence. To quote Dave Ramsey, “Live today like no one else, so you can soon live like no one else”. Attend Financial Peace University. Find a class now.

Give Now     Pledge     Auto-draft



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