Adults II


Some of the most important work our church does takes place in the context of small Sunday School communities where our lives and our faith intersect. South Main’s Adult II Sunday School communities in particular are made up of individuals who are generally ages 35 to 60 and facing the sort of opportunity and challenges we typically confront in the middle of our lives. These include parenting youth, navigating the challenges of dealing with aging parents, empty nest issues and the work, career and family situations often encountered from our mid-thirties to near the approach of retirement.

Within the context of these challenges and opportunities, we truly begin to live out who we are. Our Adult II Sunday School communities are designed to help us, in terms of building community and in our discipleship efforts, through these times. In Adult II, we worship, discover and share together in a way that is encouraging, winsome and edifying as we grow our circle of friends and discern together how we can best use the blessings God has given us for the Kingdom.

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Greg Funderburk

Greg Funderburk

Minister to Adults/Pastoral Care



We are a family of Grace, discovering Jesus Christ and sharing His Love with the world. Located in the heart of Midtown Houston, we draw family members from the seven surrounding counties and hope that very soon, you will join us.

Adult II Sunday School Classes

  • Shirl Community, CB117
    Rotating Teacher
    Alan Smith, Community Leader
  • IMOT Community, CB119
    Jesse Brown, Facilitator and Community Leader
  • Cornerstone Community, CB120
    Rotating Teacher
    Susan Johnson, Community Leader
  • The Connection Community, CB212
    Julian Moss and Bob Geary, Teachers
  • Chafin’s New Beginnings Community, CB216
    Sam Law, Teacher Bill and Cami White,
    Cliff Nickel, and Gaye Hamor, Community Leaders
  • Graceland Community, CB217
    David Corban, Sam Swart, and Byron Keeling, Teachers
    Mark Chambers, Community Leader
  • Pathfinders, CB218
    Cleavy McKnight, Teacher
    Marjorie Lott, Community Leader
  • Abel Community, CB 109 (for Adults with Special Needs)
    Irene Townsend and Charles Gribble, Teachers
  • Graceland, CB 217
    Linda Brupbacher
    Glad Reunion by John Claypool
  • Chafin, CB 216
    Sam Law
    Gospel of John
  • Combined (IMOT, Cornerstone, Pathfinders, Shirl, Connection) CB 214
    Greg Funderburk
    The Israelites in the Wilderness: Finding God in Times of Transition