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Expectant-and-New Preschoolers-and-their-Parents SA2 PlayDays

Three From Me (<30 Second Version)

Come hear the kids on Palm Sunday with lunch in Fellowship Hall after 11:00 worship present “Donkey Tales”…Skip to details

Children’s Easter Celebration is Saturday, April 4; invite friends and bring empty Easter baskets at 9:30 in sanctuary… Skip to details

Two B2B Jr. rehearsals left – Wednesday night and Saturday morning 9:30 – 11:30; Skip to details for Sunday morning deets…Skip to details

P.S. M2M meets this Thursday with a little ‘Dishin’ with Dolores’ on celebrating Easter with your children (including the Bunny and his friend Santa Claus) plus other great talking and doing.

 Save the Dates

April 4                 Children’s Easter Celebration
June 18 – 20      MK Camp In (Kindergarten thru 5th grade)
June 22 – 25      MK Camp Out at Artesian Lakes (4th and 5th grade plus high school youth)
July 20 – 23       Children’s Water Park Camp (3rd thru 5th grade)