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College will be an exciting and challenging time in your life- but there’s more to life than just class…

South Main’s College Community is a great place to continue to grow and learn, outside of school. We’re about grace and forgiveness, love, seeking and questioning ,and having faith in the face of a complex world, not about dogma, simple answers, and conformity. (We’re also about free food.)

We’re also about going outside of our classroom into the rest of South Main and Houston through a variety of fellowship activities and community service projects. The college community is a community of learning, laughing, and most of all loving each other. We have students from campuses all over Houston and a great team of leaders that honestly love being around college students. Why not come and give us a try…?

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Amy Grizzle Kane

Minister to Adults/Outreach



We are a family of Grace, discovering Jesus Christ and sharing His Love with the world. Located in the heart of Midtown Houston, we draw family members from the seven surrounding counties and hope that very soon, you will join us.