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The New Nichols & Simpson Organ

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Many great traditions have flourished during South Main’s first century, and music has played a crucial role in the outreach of the congregation from the beginning. Our Sanctuary Pipe Organ traces its origins to 1934, being installed shortly after the completion of the Sanctuary by the Kilgen Organ Company. In 1987, additions were made to the organ by John T. Fort, but no major mechanical upgrades were pursued and much of the original pipework, wiring, and infrastructure remain today.

Beginning in 2009, members of the South Main Music Ministry Council began to asses the longterm needs for our Sanctuary pipe organ after being made aware of numerous mechanical, electrical, and tonal problems. Seven nationally recognized organ builders have been brought in since that time to evaluate all aspects of the existing organ. Without exception, each of these builders felt that South Main should seek to replace all components of the organ, with the exception of the best remaining pipework available, and that enlarging the existing organ chambers was an essential component to the success of the instrument.

An Organ Task Force was formed in 2014 to interview builders and to make a final selection. It was the unanimous decision of the task force that Nichols & Simpson Organ Builders of Little Rock, AR, was the best builder for South Main. They understand the specific needs of our worshiping congregation, and the vital role exceptional music plays for our church and the broader Houston community. The installation of this magnificent instrument will begin in the summer of 2016 and will be completed in time to accompany future generations into South Main’s second century of worship.

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