OSA Fall 2014

Friday, the last OSA clinic day is usually hectic even chaotic. There are always more patients than tickets distributed. The sick arrive as early as 5:00 am.  They line up to wait, in the mist. They wear vests and sweaters and jackets. The damp cold seeps in to chill them. Joanne, my nurse, and I

OSA – High School Trip – 2014

Amanda Bernal, Haley Bernal, Elysa Tulek, and Anna Rader passing out knitted hats and scarves at the Women’s and Children’s Shelter Alexander Williams, Tristen Pigott, Tom Ehlers, Johnny Villaseñor, and Ben Wells working on a chicken coop David the Dog Whisperer; Or, Kate Has Fun With Language Barriers The past few days have been wonderful.

OSA – High School Trip – 2014

“Everything matters no matter how big, no matter how small…” – Pierce Pettis, God Believes in You When I first heard about this Peru trip I was so excited to have yet another opportunity to spread God’s word and help people who are desperately in need of it. In my life, I know I am

Charis leading devotion

OSA Fall 2013 – Friday

In Romans 12, Paul tells his brothers and sisters that just as a body has many different parts which each fulfill a specific function, so do we in Christ have different gifts that we can each use to glorify God and share his love.  It isn’t always obvious when our diverse talents work in concert. 

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OSA Fall 2013 – Thursday

My name is Heather Mustain. Three months ago I was hired at Wilshire Baptist Church as the minister of missions. Seven days ago, I and six other members of Wilshire were warmly introduced to Operacion San Andres in Collique, Peru by South Main Baptist Church. At the age of 18, I felt a calling to


OSA Fall 2013 – Wednesday

When I decided to come to Peru, I asked God if he would use me, that there would be a reason I was here.  Today I caught just a little glimpse. I work in the eye clinic, serving as the assistant to the optometrist, Tom, and translating for him.  He was busy with other things,

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OSA Fall 2013 – Tuesday

Today in the eye clinic we saw many families of different age groups. Many were so happy to receive glasses for the first time and expressed thanks for our presence. This picture shows four generations. Kris Dill works in the Eye Clinic at the OSA House. She is married to Tom, and her son Corbin


OSA Fall 2013 – Monday

Saturday afternoon Kees led the construction contingent of our group through the dusty streets of Collique to show us the projects we are to be working on this week.  After looking at the first site which was a rather straightforward house we went by and looked at the home of a single mom and her

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OSA Spring 2013 Friday #2

I have been looking forward to coming to Collique and seeing for myself what my husband, Jack, fell in love with 4 or 5 years ago.  One of the first things I noticed was the people who have been working together for a week and the relationships they had developed.  It was apparent at breakfast

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OSA Spring 2013 Friday

The OSA staff asked me to see a man downstairs in a wheelchair on Wednesday. Don Luis was too weak from vomiting and malnutrition to climb the stairs. He has advanced inoperable stomach cancer.  We gave him some medication to comfort him. Elizabett spoke with him. Last night on returning to the hotel I found

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OSA Spring 2013 Thursday #2

I just completed my third trip to Collique.  It was such an emotional day but also so heart warming.  I thank God for the opportunity to provide new shelter for yet another family in Collique.   Things have changed so much since my first trip here in the construction field.  My first home I helped build

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OSA Spring 2013 Thursday

A beautiful young woman caught my eye when she walked through the door of OSA today. She had radiant skin, a sweet sounding laugh and I also noticed a colorful scarf she had wrapped to cover her head. For a moment, I wondered if we might have something in common. I watched her sit and

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OSA Spring 2013 Wednesday

We went to Collique today which is about 20 miles outside of Lima on the side of a mountain. Words truly cannot express the level of poverty these people live in. Collique gets about 1/2 an inch of rain a year, so everything is dry, dusty, parched, and brown. The smell of human waste is

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OSA Spring 2013 Tuesday

The lady looked healthy enough but had a handful of medical reports for me to review. What’s wrong? Well, the doctor told me I have heart trouble. What happened? He did all these tests. They were terribly expensive. He gave me these five prescriptions. These alone were going to cost me 500 soles a month,


OSA Spring 2013 Monday

We’ve passed Collique, I said, as the bus kept going uphill. The water tanks on top of the hill that we usually look up to see were below us. The large cross on the mountain top that  looms in the distance from the OSA House was now before us. The bus stopped and turned around


OSA Spring 2013 Saturday

In verses 11 and 12 of Jeremiah 20, God tell us that He has plans of us plans for good and not for evil, to give us a future and a hope.  When we pray, He WILL listen.  He WILL find us when we seek Him, IF we look for HIM in earnest. When Luis spoke to


Fall Mission to Peru ’12 – Wrap Up

Noondays at OSA House I spent last week in Peru participating in the Operación San Andrés (OSA) medical campaign.  It had been a couple of years since the last time I had seen Collique, its dusty hills, its people, and the OSA house. As we arrived to the OSA neighborhood I was greeted by many


Fall Mission to Peru ’12 – Thursday & Friday

Yo Tengo Gozo We come here to minister to the people of Collique. My role in doing so has involved working with the children in VBS and part of that meant helping the “guys with guitars,” Kevin and Rob, sing and lead the kids in music.  Over the course of the week it became apparent


Fall Mission to Peru ’12 – Wednesday

Howdy from Collique! This week I am once again singing with the children.  Last year it was piano and handbells.  This year it’s two guitars. Me and Kevin Sinclair who is the youth minister from South Main Baptist Church. The children are full of enthusiasm and love to sing the songs quickly.  Let’s sing “mas


Fall Mission to Peru 2012 – Monday & Tuesday

Today I saw in the clinic a 76yo woman who had travelled by bus from the Amazon jungle, over the Andes, and all the way to Collique to be seen in our clinic.  She was also visiting family in Lima, but had come at this time because she had heard that we were going to


Fall Mission to Peru 2012 – Sunday

This was a great day in Peru. We attended church for a service in English. The people were super friendly and there was a reception after the service. Lunch at my favorite restaurant is always a treat and the food is wonderful. Tomorrow we look forward to the first day in Collique. This trip is


Fall Mission to Peru 2012

The Road to Collique… As we make preparations for our trip to Collique this next week, please be in prayer for the whole team, specifically those from our South Main family listed below: Fran Campos, Luis Campos, Ruth Campos, Kris Dill, Jim Flynt, Ginger Hamilton, Kathy Kronzer, Lore Lagrone, Sam Law, Susan Moore, Carol Shattuck,


High School Mission Trip to Peru 2012 – Saturday

Dear Parents and Readers, Today was our last day in Collique, where we hosted our first-ever block party out in the community of Collique. For those of you who don’t know, Kees and Elizabett Abring, our OSA Missionaries (coming up on their first anniversary in August) are absolutely incredible. Kees, born in Holland, and Elizabett,


High School Mission Trip to Peru 2012 – Friday

Thursday – June 14 Today was breath-taking. I spent my morning at the preschool down the hill from the OSA house. The children were so welcoming but they were very shy. Their smiles of joy were just amazing to see and I had waited all week just to see them smile at me. We spent


High School Mission Trip to Peru 2012 – Thursday

So, today was different, but in a good way. Instead of doing vbs with the older children, we got the opportunity to play with the kids in the preschool down the hill from the OSA house. It was an amazing experience because, even though I came here knowing almost no Spanish, I was able to


High School Mission Trip to Peru 2012 – Wednesday

Hola people in America, Peru is really fun and exciting. In construction we have been building shelves and bringing them to the occupants of the houses in Collique. It is a very eye-opening experience. The people are very humble and nice. Another part of construction that we are doing is painting the walls of the


High School Mission Trip to Peru 2012 – Tuesday

“Everybody go suurfiiiin’-surfin’ USA!” By the end of this week I will refuse to listen to the Beach Boys ever again. I’m teaching the OSA children a dance, and I’ve learned this means standing awkwardly with a beach ball saying “¡Muy bien!” over and over because I don’t speak Spanish. Needless to say, Adriana does


High School Mission Trip to Peru 2012 – Monday

Today was a beautiful day. I have never been more full of Joy. The beautiful children I met today just made my heart smile. I met a little girl that fell in love with the camera that i’ve been carrying around. She tugged me along and took pictures of her friends and even of me–a


High School Mission Trip to Peru 2012 – Sunday Evening

After much travel and very little sleep, we started our day late with a ten o’clock breakfast. We then congregated for morning worship where we sang a few songs and listened to Luis Campos’ testimony. It was very interesting to hear about the origin of his work in Peru while also learning about his life


High School Mission to Peru 2012 – Sunday Morning

After hours of seemingly endless flying, we landed safely in Lima. Stepping out of the airport you could already tell this isn’t the same country in which we started. We took a bus to Hotel Señorial and got to our rooms pretty quickly. We settled into to our quaint rooms, and, seeing as it was


High School Mission to Peru 2012 – Saturday

“Take bread for the journey and strength for the fight, comfort to sleep through the night, wisdom to choose at the fork in the road and a heart that knows the way home…” -“Traveling Mercies” by Billy Crockett, a favorite song of our Youth Packing. Planning. Preparing. There is so much work and love that