Shoes for Orphan Souls

South Main’s Shoes for Orphan Souls / Henry Hill Memorial Shoe Drive 2017



One hundred and twenty thousand. One hundred and twenty thousand pairs of shoes. One hundred and twenty thousand orphans, who walked around with feet calloused and aching, now walk with pride and joy in their new shoes thanks to you and your gracious gifts over the years to Shoes for Orphan Souls.

Each year, we all have an opportunity to gather and pack shoes together. To give, so that God’s children do not have to walk around barefoot.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Unpack shoes – Every Thursday through Aug 31, 9:00 AM, Welcome Center

  • Buy new shoes – Bring to the Welcome Center anytime

  • Donate online – For shoes to be bought in bulk



Please pray for the financial gifts given that let Henry and Maggie Hill buy these shoes at bulk rates, pray for the volunteered hands that pack these shoes, and pray for the children who will wear these shoes and hear the Gospel through the words and actions of our friends with Buckner International.

For more information, email Greg.



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