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Midtown Midweek

Toni Richerson will conclude her four-week Bible study through the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew. This week Toni will explore the Beatitude, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 4:9). We will learn to live as recipients and ambassadors of God’s peace...

Midtown Midweek Bible Study - May 27

Toni Richerson concludes our Bible study through the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew. In the Beatitudes, Jesus taught His followers to experience the blessing of life with God and one another even during difficult days.

Monday over Coffee

Grace. Love. And More Grace. So, I’m trying to read Moby Dick. Let me just say: Not going well. I’m stalled on the Pequod with Ishmael, Starbuck, and Captain Ahab somewhere in the South Pacific around page 243.

Senior Recognition and Blessing Drive By Parade

On Sunday, May 17, over 100 South Main families honored our four high school seniors with a wave and friendly greeting safely from their vehicles. Enjoy some of the photos taken at the event.

A Message from Pastor Steve - May 27

Pastor Steve walks us through Part 2 of the State of the Church, how we are doing with giving and our budget so far, as we worship online, discover digitally, and share with social distancing.

Devotion from Pastor Steve

Your devotion from Pastor Steve as we journey through our time of social distance.

Summer Stay Connected Communications Schedule


As we head into the summer months, our communication schedule will change. Our plan is to communicate in some way every day, so be on the lookout for these offerings:

Masks for All

South Main Baptist Church is responding to the urgent summons from Houston's mayor through Houston Responds for effective face masks for those in need. We will be a part of what we hope will be 1,000 churches who will together make 1,000,000 masks.

Main/Stream - May 26

Greg Funderburk discusses "God's Blessing and Peace," composed by Earlene Rentz-Turner. They're also joined by Carey Cannon, Chris French, cello, and Trey Westerburg, soloist.

Fresh Faith. Vintage Church.

Sundays at South Main

South Main is a family of grace, discovering Jesus Christ together and sharing His love with the world. Every Sunday we gather for worship and fellowship, beginning early with Manna worship with our homeless neighbors, and continuing with study and fellowship in our Sunday School communities, traditional worship in the Sanctuary, and lunch in the Fellowship Hall.

Family Ministry

Our Family Ministry celebrates and nurtures children from infancy though high school graduation. Every Sunday, led by committed and caring adults, kids open Bibles, sing, learn, worship, and play in safe, consciously designed spaces. Throughout the week, kids enjoy music activities, Play Days (parents' days out), camps, and mission opportunities. We also provide support and community for parents and caregivers, so that families can grow together toward authentic and lasting faith in Christ.

Music Ministry

Music speaks a language that words alone cannot. With vocal and instrumental ensembles for all ages, South Main uses the language of music to express the joys and sorrows of our daily lives in worship and ministry.

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