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Have you signed up for your to-go lunch yet? This Sunday's menu is chicken tortilla soup with all the fixings, salad, mexican brownie for adults, and fried drumstick, carrot sticks, oreo cookies for kids.

One Spirit One Body Bible Study - February 23

We continue our Bible Study through the book of Ephesians. Jewel London and Matt Walton along with our panelists from The Church Without Walls and South Main Baptist Church will lead us through the study of Ephesians Chapter 5.

In-Person Worship Registration

Register for in-person Worship at 10:00 AM. We will continue to also worship online at 10:00 AM. Registration is required for in-person Worship service each week.

Come Aboard Stories - February 24

We continue to hear stories from South Main members as we continue our Come Aboard stewardship campaign. This week Greg sits down with Shannon and Chris Dove to hear what compelled them to start giving to South Main.

Blood Drive Sunday, March 7

Given the gravity of the current public health crisis, the need for blood donations has never been more important. South Main will host a drive with the Gulf Coast Blood Center on March 7 from 8:00 AM–1:00 PM in the Gym.

A Message from Pastor Steve - February 24

Pastor Steve shares our theme for this year's Stewardship Campaign, Come Aboard. Whether you've never pledged before or you tithe every year, we invite you to Come Aboard with us in your own way in whatever station of life you're in.

Come Aboard

As activity between downtown and the medical center begins to notch upward and as the trains that zoom by our church get back up to speed, we’re asking each and every church member, here in the new year, to come aboard, taking up the exciting work envisioned in our recently adopted 2021 budget.

After School with Mrs. Dolores

The entire Family Ministry observes the Lenten season by focusing on three spiritual practices: HEAR, SPEAK, WONDER. Every day of the week (except Sundays), Mrs, Dolores leads us through each of the three practices in a fun video call "After School" with Mrs. Dolores".

Monday over Coffee

For quite some time I’ve been drawn to the things of Northern Europe in general and to Scandinavia in particular. We’ve taken family trips to Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Post-Corona, Sweden, Finland, and maybe even Iceland are on my short list of ‘someday’ destinations.

Main/Stream: Mindfulness with JD Walther

Greg Funderburk and J.D. Walther dialogue about the idea of mindfulness in the context of the Christian life. Meditation and mindfulness can advance our connection to God, guide us in overcoming the anxieties in our lives, and help us become more self-aware of the beauty around us.

Fresh Faith. Vintage Church.

Sundays at South Main

South Main is a family of grace, discovering Jesus Christ together and sharing His love with the world. Every Sunday we gather for worship and fellowship, beginning early with Manna worship with our homeless neighbors, and continuing with study and fellowship in our Sunday School communities, traditional worship in the Sanctuary, and lunch in the Fellowship Hall.

Family Ministry

Our Family Ministry celebrates and nurtures children from infancy though high school graduation. Every Sunday, led by committed and caring adults, kids open Bibles, sing, learn, worship, and play in safe, consciously designed spaces. Throughout the week, kids enjoy music activities, Play Days (parents' days out), camps, and mission opportunities. We also provide support and community for parents and caregivers, so that families can grow together toward authentic and lasting faith in Christ.

Music Ministry

Music speaks a language that words alone cannot. With vocal and instrumental ensembles for all ages, South Main uses the language of music to express the joys and sorrows of our daily lives in worship and ministry.

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