Advent Fulfilled


Advent invites each of us to look ahead in expectation of God’s promised blessing of Christ’s anticipated coming and to be fully present to the blessings that are already ours through God’s ongoing grace and faithfulness. Our theme in this season at South Main, Fulfilled, captures these twin ideas as both the approach of Christmas and then its arrival represent the notion that our sovereign and redeeming God fulfills not only the promises of Scripture but our souls’ deepest longings, as well. Be a part of each and every opportunity in this Advent season to prepare your mind and heart for the fulfillment of God’s ancient promises concerning the arrival of the Christ Child and also of the blessings of Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love we all want and need.




Advent IV: Love

On the fourth Sunday of Advent, we welcome God’s love into the world and into our hearts with a beautiful morning of radiant worship. We will hear the ultimate expression of God’s faithfulness–of the fulfillment of God’s promises–in the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke’s Gospel as our Sanctuary Choir, Chamber Choir, and guest orchestra give full voice to the magnificent and poetic story of Christ’s arrival. The glory of the fulfillment of God’s love will illuminate all of our jubilant music, words, and prayers on this fourth  Sunday of Advent as Christmas Day approaches.



Advent Devotions

As we move through the Advent season and explore the idea of fulfilled, our Advent devotionals aim to provide you a daily reminder of finding fulfillment throughout our lives. You can pick up a copy of the 2022 Advent Devotion Book on campus or find the daily devotion on our website at



Advent Playlist

Sacred and secular music can put us in a frame of mind to experience things in a new way. This Advent season we have curated a playlist to help you experience the Advent season and feel fulfilled.



Advent Events

December 24 - Manna Christmas, 3:00 PM

Come join us as the Manna Ministry shares Christmas together with our neighbors who are homeless or hungry. We will experience Christ’s love and hope as we sing Christmas carols, share with one another, and enjoy fellowship with those with whom we’ve established meaningful friendship through our Manna ministry.


December 24 - Christmas Eve Service 

Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service embodies our recognition of the fulfillment of all of God’s good promises to us and to all of Creation–promises of faithfulness, of eternal love, and of saving grace. On Christmas Eve at 5:00 PM, we embrace all of this and more, as we retell in words and in music the story of the birth of Christ. At the conclusion of the service, we will carry flickering candles out of our Sanctuary and into the world, dramatizing our own role in God’s story of fulfillment, offering divine hope, peace, joy, and love to our community. Join us on Christmas Eve as we celebrate the impending arrival of Christmas with the singing of carols, with Scripture, and in a beautiful and expressive picture of new light and life coming into our world.


December 25 - Christmas Day worship

On Christmas Day we offer our worship to a faithful God who has changed the world with an expression of love that we are able to understand and embrace in the person of Jesus. We will sing of divine hope, acknowledge the arrival of the Prince of Peace, speak of the joy we’ve experienced in the fulfillment of God’s promises, and express to God our acceptance of the love given to us in Christ. This conclusion of our Advent season’s journey and its emphasis on the fulfillment of God’s promises will feature hymns and carols that give voice to our gratitude to our faithful God and a message that helps us recognize the full meaning of God’s redeeming love.