Midtown Midweek - February 13

Hear Matt Walton continue through the Gospel of John in chapter 18.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 6:30pm

This Wednesday at Midtown Midweek Bible study we continue our study through the Gospel of John. We turn in the narrative toward the pause before the crescendo, Jesus’ arrest and trial in chapter 18. Here, after Christ’s farewell discourse in chapters 14-17, Jesus moves willingly toward the Father’s plan for redemption. Jesus, who is the “I am,” teaches us here that he is indeed full of grace and truth. We discover ourselves in this story as those who both deny and question Jesus. We are at once Peter, who declares “I am not” the man who was with Jesus. And we are as well Pilate, looking the Word of God in the face and questioning, “what is truth?” Truth is not a proposition, truth is a person — Jesus. With Peter, we are not. We are often not faithful, often not cognizant of God’s presence and work around us. But, Jesus is. Jesus is full of grace and truth. Jesus is fully faithful. Jesus is ever cognizant of God’s presence and work in the world because from Jesus the fullness of God is revealed. Jesus is. How will we respond?