By Phyllis Waggoner

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to all men.

Luke 2:14

In the fields in which they lived, the shepherds were once again tending their sheep, listening to the familiar bleating sounds their sheep made. As they watched their flock, an angel of the Lord appeared telling them, “Don’t be afraid! We are bringing good news that will cause great joy for the entire world.” As they told the shepherds of Christ’s birth, suddenly beautiful, melodic sounds they’d never heard before, sung by a great number of heavenly hosts, began echoing through the hills: “Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace to all men!” 

Being able to visit this very place in March of this year was something my husband, David, and I were fortunate to experience with a group of friends. Strolling along the path of the shepherds‘ fields, I imagined the shepherds and their reaction to the glorious sounds bouncing through the hills the night the throngs of angels sang to them. As the group made our way up the shepherds’ hills, we came upon the Chapel of the Shepherd’s Field, which marks the place where the angels first announced Christ’s birth. Along with other tourists, I entered and saw the interior adorned with artistic renderings of the heavenly hosts. Admiring the building and the art, I was pleasantly surprised as Catholic nuns began entering the chapel beautifully singing, “Angels We Have Heard On High!” Everyone sang along, and I felt as if I was a part of the angels singing to the shepherds. After the final “Gloria” was sung, looking around, I noticed that no one in my group had entered the chapel. Walking outside, I noticed the same… my group was not around, but it was ok… I got to sing with the “angels!” 

This Advent season, as you listen and sing along to the music of the season, let that same message the angels delivered to the shepherds penetrate and prepare you to celebrate the birth of our Savior!

Dear God, Thank you for Your Son and the message of preparation Your angels delivered that night to the shepherds. Prepare our hearts through the music we hear as we celebrate the arrival of Christ our Lord!


Phyllis Waggoner is a Deacon, a member of Agape (the women’s ensemble), Chamber Choir, teaches in SMILE, and volunteers with Sojourn House.

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