Advent Devotional December 7: Written by Bill Kolter in 1988

Elaine is at Camp Ozark; Mary Neil is packing to go to San Antonio for the Convention; Kenneth is measuring shelves for his most recent dwelling; I am “on call” this weekend; and Martha is bugging me for this devotional - now about two weeks overdue. I have just written Elaine about this, and mentioned to her that I have had two or three ideas working, but that none of them has “yelled” as yet, and that with time running out, perhaps I should just be quiet for a while, which after all is a scriptural activity. Of course in making that comment to her, I backed into the topic for this meditation, and reminded myself one more time how tightly we pack the minutes of the days and the weeks of the years. 

Being a true Baptist in general and a South Mainer in particular, I long ago learned the pressure of unending expectation of doing “more for Christ.” It is hard to argue against doing “more for Christ,” especially with someone older and more respected than yourself. The trick is to find out just what it is that Christ really wants you to do in the first place, and then sticking to those things until such a time as He Himself leads you into other paths and other directions. 

The specific ministries that our church has pioneered were begun by Christian persons who, after a quiet time of assessment, devotion, and inspiration, struck out in new directions - following His revealed leadership. Others, after a similar quiet time, have found themselves able to see more clearly the objects and benefits of the work in progress and have been directed to “keep it up.” Either way, with this time of quietness comes the rest and refreshment so essential to the mental, physical, and spiritual health of each of us and in turn to that of our church. 


Be Still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Every man hath his proper gift from God. 1 Corinthians 7:7

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