End of Year Need: $1,011,130

We have 17 days remaining in 2021 and we need to give $1,011,130 in order to fully fund our budget. The good news is that is only $59,478 per day. The reality is in those same 17 days at the end of 2020 we gave $847,727. 
Any way you look at them, those are big numbers. So here is a smaller one: 1. I cannot control what any other person or family gives. But I can decide with my family what we will give. I know we as a congregation have the capacity to fund this budget — I think we could oversubscribe it. I also know that doing so will require every of us to give. And when I look at the trend year over year, it seems clear that giving this year’s budget will require us to give more than we gave last year. So I am in. I believe in the work of South Main, and I believe our best days are before us. So my family and I are going to invest in the present and the future of our church by giving not only our pledge, but an over and above gift. Will you join us?
Think about the difference your gifts make even to people who do not join us at 4100 Main Street. Your budget gifts help people escape homelessness and return to productive lives at our mission partners The Beacon, recenter, and SEARCH. Your budget dollars help single mothers, often from abusive relationships, begin again at Gracewood. And seniors facing dementia — and their caregivers — find life-restoring rest at Amazing Place. We made financial commitments to these and other ministries in Houston. We have those commitments. And now it is time for us to share in their good work by giving to South Main’s budget.
grace and truth, 


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