End of Year Need $103,234

If you are going to give online today and want to take a deduction for that gift on your 2020 taxes, please give using smbc.org/giving. If you use your bank’s website, your bank will not generate the check until some time in January and we will credit that gift to tax year 2021. If you want to put a check in someone’s hand today, please email one of the ministers below. We will be happy to come pick it up from you (in a pandemic-safe, socially distanced manner). 
They say hindsight is 2020. Soon and very soon 2020 will be in our hindsight and not a moment too soon. Let’s give our parts to finish this year well and begin 2021 on solid ground. It is New Year’s Eve, and we have come so far this month. At the time I am writing this email, we need to give $103,234 in order to give what we have spent in 2020. We have only hours to go. I continue to trust we will get there. Let’s do it together!
grace and truth,

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