End of Year Need: $335,192

Before you read anything else, please know this: South Main is the most generous congregation I know. Year in and year out, you faithfully and sacrificially give so we can do a tremendous amount of Kingdom work with both excellence and beauty. Undergirding everything else in this message, please hear a very grateful "thank you!"

We know deep in our bones there is a resonant truth to the statement: “to whom much is given, much is required.” That is to say, God requires a good deal from those He blesses, and truth be told, we require a lot from each other, as well. Today we are in the final four days of 2021 and need $335,191.78 to fully fund our annual budget. While that sounds like a lot (because it is), I continue to believe it is well within our ability to meet our budget. Having said that, it is truthfully now a stretch goal because our outstanding need is about $110,000 more than we have given during this same period in any of the past four years. While we can give it, we can only do so if each of us gives. Whether your gift is $1.00 or $190 or $5,000 or $30,000 or more, each gift contributes to all of us making the budget together. 

Even in the face of uncertainty, 2022 promises to be a year of restoration. There's a door opening before us, beckoning us to new opportunities for worship, discipleship, and mission. How faithfully we give in these last four days of this year will determine our plans for what we will be able to do for God’s Kingdom next year. 

Will you take time to pray and ask God whether you have given all you ought to His Kingdom through South Main this year? If you have, thank you. You have well and faithfully stewarded your resources. If you have not — or if you believe you want to do more — there's still time. Let’s get there together. 

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