Family Ministry Focus: Youth

By Brandyn Adney, Youth Ministry Resident

The word that characterizes the Youth Ministry at South Main is Mobilize. The students grow in their faith and proactively seek to follow Jesus in genuine discipleship as they prepare to make the transition into young adulthood. Each student is nurtured in their faith within the context of intentional relationships in a large group community, a smaller family group gathering, and on an individual basis with ministers and members of the church who are deeply devoted to investing in the lives of 8-12th graders at South Main. Through Sunday school lessons, small group discussions, mission work, retreats, camps, worship, or just dessert with a leader, each youth is both individually and communally invested in as they are spiritually and intellectually challenged in their faith to wholeheartedly love God and follow Him in their lives.

As a student, the Youth Ministry at South Main is somewhere you already "belong" upon your first arrival. The soil is enriched for you to be planted in a community where you feel personally loved and cherished for who you are as you become bonded and unified with all others in the ministry. The Holy Spirit has created a culture where youth feel safe to be who they truly are, with doubts and struggles, as they encounter God's love and navigate what it means to know and follow Jesus. The youth long to spend more time together in community which is a testimony to the strong relationships they are building with one another. The bonds they are establishing now as they grow in trust with one another and with Jesus are helping create a firm foundation for their lives as they realize the importance to live a faith-filled life and step into their calling as the future of the Church.

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