The Horizon is Lifting in Kenya

In April of 2016 thirty-four boys, ages 7-13,  who had been orphaned and living on the streets of Kenya moved to the rescue center established by one of South Main Baptist Church’s missions  partner Sodzo International. The rescue center is called Watoto wa Ahadi Rescue Center which translates to The Children of Promise Rescue Center. While we don’t always know what the future will hold we do have faith in the promise of the future and most assuredly the promise is bringing so many dynamically wonderful things into fruition in through Sodzo’s work in Kenya.

Not only have the first 34 boys moved through the program on the farm and into homes. a second group has now taken up residence there and Sodzo has begun large family strengthening program to address the causes of child homelessness at its source. 

This video gives one a sense of how the horizon is lifting and God’s voice is sing and his sun is shining through voices and the eyes of each and everyone who is participating in the work being done there.

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