By Charles Williams

Being patient is difficult for me. When I have to wait on another to do their job or for an event to happen, I am anxious. I worry that nothing will be done or presented as it was promised to be. The realization that patience is a result of trust in a promise helped me to find patience with God. This is because God does not require His believers to be patient without a promise. God's promise is made clear in Isaiah 49:23, when he declares that, 'those who wait for me shall not be put to shame'. There is nothing to fear in waiting for God because there is no chance of failure. There are hardships, certainly, in every believer's life, but we must hope that God will protect us and that His promise will be fulfilled. 'I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.' Psalm 130:5. It is trust and hope in God's word, God's promise, that we will find the patience to handle life's hardships as we receive them.

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