By Jeanne Ludemann

“Where are my keys?” I often ask.  Organizational experts advise finding a “home” for the keys to “live” and always placing said keys in that “home.” The keys are then easily accessible whenever needed. What about when I try to find God? Do I have a consistent “home” for God in my life? I have a very nice guest room I make available to Him on the major Holidays, Easter and Christmas. Especially Christmas. I go all out at Christmas.  But what about the mundane 24/7 of the 365 days in a year? Days when the roast gets burned, or the washer overflows, or my temper grows short.

During this Lenten Season of letting go, am I able to look in the dark corners where I keep my bias and prejudice and clean the cluttered closets where I hurriedly throw all the stuff I really don’t want God to find when I invite him into my life on my terms? By letting go I may, as the Psalm teaches, “be still and know” the omniscient, omnipresent God already knows and sees the entirety of my life and still wants access. Thanks be to God.

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