By Greg Funderburk 
…when you least expect it. God finds  me  more readily than it can be said I find God. Having said that, I feel God’s spirit sometimes ripple through my heart with a fleeting, yet very real sense of presence when I least expect it. It might occur in a crowded theater during a movie or play, listening to music while running in a steady rhythm on an afternoon jog, in front of a remarkable painting at a museum, or in the whole-hearted feeling you get after helping someone in need. 
I think God is broadcasting to us all the time. We just have to find the frequency, recognizing that God retains the prerogative to show up however, whenever, God likes and might intend. We are often full of expectation that God will speak to us in worship, in prayer or studying Scripture, and all of this is important to become attuned to God, but, in this Lenten season, in this time of renewed focus on bringing ourselves closer to the things of God, perhaps consider the possibility that God may show up just when you least expect it.

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