Lent Devotional: Tuesday, March 12

By Daniela George

As we go through life, there are only a few things bound to be certain. One thing we know for sure is that as humans we are perfectly imperfect. We sin and we disappoint. But we do good in the world and glorify God. Sometimes the path to glorifying Him and doing good in the world is not pristine. Sometimes it is a treacherous path. This path can feel like an empty road, a forest so big and so foreign that we often feel alone. But if we stopped, we would notice the small gestures, the small manifestations, the small ways in which God provides for us during this journey.
Sometimes I lose my way. Sometimes I feel broken and can't fathom a path forward. But even in my darkest days, in my days of sadness, God illuminates a path forward to guide me to Him. In my hard days, God presents himself through Love. He handpicked those around me that love me unconditionally. God presents himself through Life. He gives me sunshine and nature on those dark days to remind me there are better days ahead. God shows me grace and puts thoughts in my mind that I am His, that I am wonderfully made, and that I am glorifying Him in all that I do. He soothes my heart and, through prayer, calms my mind, reassuring me that even on my darkest days, I glorify Him.
Holy God, help me to always notice your presence, the ways in which you provide for me, the way you Love me and all your children. Help me follow you Jesus, for it is through following you that I will feel wholeness.

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