Lenten Devotional, April 1: By Mark Gribble

I forgive you; three little words with such power and yet sometimes they feel hollow. I can’t count the number of times, in the aftermath of a disagreement, hearing these words signals the end of the argument. Yet, I long for an instant healing that we all know isn’t coming. The hurt is still there, and it lingers. 

Being married for 22 years, Jenn and I have worked diligently to find better ways to express our frustrations when expectations aren’t met. We ask for 10-minute time outs to cool off. We take time to write down what is bothering us. The written word is usually not quite as sharp as the fiery tongue. These techniques can help, but what we have found to help us heal is praying together after an argument. Both of us, on our knees, tearfully talking to God and asking for grace from each other and Him. 

We must give the hurt to God and allow Him to put his healing hands on our hearts where true forgiveness happens for us.   

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