The Sacrament of Story

Last week a dear friend of over twenty years and I were chatting about the importance of the concept of story in our lives. She happens to be a therapist, and our conversations often take an introspective turn. (I call her my “pro bono counselor.”) I was sharing a few of my regrets from the past year, namely decisions I wish I had made earlier or executed differently. In her consistent wisdom, she reminded me that each one of those moments played a role in my developing story, and they shouldn’t be thought of in such a black and white manner. Rather, they’re like chapter markers and each part of the sacramental thread God is using to weave my life’s story together – one full of twists, turns, and discovery throughout.

The Advent Book is one of my favorite South Main traditions, because it affords us the opportunity to peek into the developing stories of church family members we might not typically meet on Sunday mornings. We may even see part of our own story in some of theirs, and the connection that results is a beautiful part of the book’s design. This collection of heartfelt reflections displays both the fragility and strength experienced in life, and how God is always with us in both and in between.

I hope you enjoy getting to know each writer and that you’re reminded with every thoughtful essay how God rescues us right where we are, redeems all things in His timing, and gently walks beside us as we continue co-authoring the story of our lives.

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