SMBC is wild about Families!

By Heather Ballard

South Main planned a retreat to Carolina Creek “ WILD” resort located on the Trinity river not too far from Huntsville, Texas. This was a beautiful place for our families and kids to gather.  Each cabin is themed with the huge 20 foot face of an animal on front and Noah’s Arc gym in the middle of it all. We stayed in the Bear cabin.  The cabin was complete with bunk beds - the kids immediately claimed top bunks, they were completely oblivious to the fact that we were dead set on claiming the bottom bunks.   Each cabin has a swirling slide for a tail going out the back door and next to the stairs is a fireman’s pole that my kids and my husband must have slid down 40 times!

The camp has mini golf, fishing on the Trinity river, a huge water park (too cold this time) and something called a “pillow”.  A large inflatable bouncing apparatus rising from the sand that can accommodate 40 jumping monkeys while the parents look on with huge smiles, drinking coffee and trying to wake up.  It is hard to get kids out of bed during the week to go to school, but not so much when there is this much fun to be had!  

Each morning we gathered in the food hall decorated in a jungle motif called the “Beastro” for breakfast, lunch and dinner to be served delicious food.  We were served family style by the warm and welcoming staff.  Chicken fingers were the biggest hit - watch out Raising Cane’s here comes the WILD! The only problem is if you have giraffe-like legs like my husband’s where folding them under the triangular kindergarten table to eat was quite a process.  Comic relief for my family.

Saturday we gathered in the Noah’s Ark gym for church welcomed by a wonderful Bluegrass band, accompanied by some of our own South Main choir which was amazing. Steve delivered a great message and then all the families cleared the chairs for a game of kickball, followed by rock climbing, basketball, and train rides.  Our youngest boy was the first to board and the last to depart, and by last I mean no one else was on any of the trains besides him and the conductor made four more trips around the resort.  Not sure what got him off, but it may have been the campfire smores!

The last night we had a Talent Show hosted by the amazing Diva Dolores and Superstar Steve Rader complete with evening gown and Tux!  The Diva and her husband were amazing hosts while each family showcased some amazing talent – rapping, singing, dancing, acrobats, magic tricks galore.  SMBC families have a lot of talent!! Everyone was encouraging and this was a great family affair.

What a wonderful time to gather with other Christian families from South Main.  The kids had the best time and I didn’t have to worry about following them around all weekend since it was just our church family and so many activities to keep everyone occupied. Plus, a weekend without cooking??!!! We look forward to doing this again.  Watch out waterpark, here we come!

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