from the Operación San Andrés team

It is a pleasure to greet you and to tell you about Mrs. Roxana Cruz Barrientos who is the mother of Rosmery (5th grade) and Lady (6th grade) who participate in the morning session of the OSA educational enrichment program.  These girls are students at the Virgen de Guadalupe elementary school.  Roxana is a single mother who has 5 children under the age of 11 years, and she is the one responsible for paying the family expenses.

Roxana tells us that when her daughters began participating in the OSA program at the beginning of June 2019, these were times when the assistance was most needed.  Due to severe economic problems that started at the beginning of the year, the daughters were becoming ill more frequently, and the girls’ father was not giving any money for food.  Roxana had to work almost the whole day (while carrying a younger daughter of barely one year in age) selling candies to bus passengers.  It was during this time that she saw a flyer that had been placed on the doorway of the elementary school.  She became interested in the information on the flyer describing a place where lunch was provided along with help with school-work, among other things.  That is when Roxana decided to enroll her two daughters Rosmery and Lady in the OSA program.  Here are a few comments from Roxana:

“The girls receive healthy food with a balanced diet appropriate for their ages.  Furthermore, they are taught Christian values and receive help with their school assignments.  There is no doubt that this is a good place for my daughters.”

“The girls wait for me to arrive at home in the evening to tell me about the activities and lunch that they’ve had at OSA such as potato cakes and brochettes that they had never eaten before.  I should mention that during this time they have become accustomed to eating diverse menus with fruits and salads.”

“Now I have the security that the girls are in a safe place where they are given healthy food, assistance with homework and love.”

“I also appreciate the construction of our house by the OSA mission team.  Now I feel safe and sheltered with all of my children.”

“I can say that God has not forgotten my family, because He has put OSA in my life to have this help.”

“Many thanks for your service and support, and may God continue to bless each of the donors and workers in this NGO, and thanks for the assistance you provide each day for the children of Collique.”


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