Thank you from our High School Seniors, Part 3

Read sweet words of gratitude from our graduating seniors....

Audrey Scott 

Thank you South Main for being a home to me no matter where I have lived. Even from a distance, you have been a source of encouragement and support, and I am so grateful that this community is one that I can remain a part of, long after graduation.

Joe Taylor

Thank you for helping me build a family of fellowship. I am forever grateful for Mrs Dolores, Brandyn, and the rest of the SMBC staff for continuing my pathway to a better life. I will remember all of the memories of this amazing church and continue to set an example that God wants me to be. 

Allison Tirado

Dear South Main Family, 

Thank you for helping me find a love for serving and working with children! Thank you for guiding me and answering the hard questions about faith!


Allison Tirado

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