In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.  

John 1:4

In my experience I have found God’s light in His word and in His people. I was a young mother of a 3-year-old toddler and pregnant with my second child. A good friend invited me to a Bible Fellowship study on the book of James. James is about when dark trials and sufferings come into your life. It is rich with advice on how to take those experiences and turn them into light from darkness. I believe with all my heart my God knew what I needed before I did and had nudged her to invite me. 

He equipped me with His word/light to be ready when the darkness fell. When my marriage fell apart, I leaned on the light in those words I had studied for months before in that Bible Study. They were life sustaining as was the community God has surrounded me with to help me through. The book of James was my encourager, my hope, and my light when I was wandering in pain, disillusionment, and darkness. The light in those words have stayed with me and I’ve used them again when more darkness has come into my life as it does in each life. And I remember how God gave me the light for my path through His word and His messengers on Earth each time darkness comes, and I’m not afraid. He will always shine His light in my darkness. 


Gaye Young Hamor has been a member since 1968, and has served on Finance, Discipleship, Nominating, and Committee on Committees. She has taught Sunday School to 5 year-olds, 2nd graders, 12th graders, and adults. She retired after 19 years at Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. She now volunteers, enjoys gardening, reading, and playing with her grands. She is still supported and loved well by her SMBC community, many of which helped her through a dark time. Gaye’s 3 year-old is now 40 with a wonderful wife and three beautiful kids. The baby girl is 37 with a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids. In testimony to God’s redemptive light, the three of them came through that rough time and are all loving, whole human beings.

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