Year End Need $0 - Thank You!

What a blessing! On December 1st of this year, we needed more money than we have ever needed - and more money than we have ever given in December - if we were to make the budget. For that matter, on December 17th, we needed more money than we have ever needed in December - and more money than we have ever given in December - to make the budget, just over $891,000. In only eleven days your astoundingly generous giving has completed the funding of the 2017 operating budget. In the previous fourteen years, we have never made the budget earlier than the afternoon of December 31st. And - you did it! Thank you.

And now. . . If you have not given, it is not too late. Giving the budget is vitally important. And that is one of only three important financial metrics we track at the end of the year. The second metric is giving versus spending. In 2017, as in every other year, we have underspent in some areas and overspent in others. We had significant expenses recovering from the storm and from other maintenance issues, so we anticipate spending more than the budget when all is said and done. The third metric is the strength of our financial position as we enter the coming year. Together these three financial measures (1) give us a picture of the health of the church and (2) give direction to the writing of the next budget.
Those are financial metrics for the church. For each of us, giving money - trusting God with what He has entrusted to us - is a vitally important part of our personal discipleship. So it is not too late to be part of this extraordinary end to the year.

As a reminder, you can bring a check on Sunday. Jill Faragher, our Finance Manager, will be in her office on the third floor of the Loessner building to assist you. If you give online, please do so through if you want your gift to be counted toward your 2017 taxes.
Here are two easy ways for you to give electronically - both are safe and secure:
1) Give online via credit card or e-check
2) Give via text message to 713-999-4142. Simply click and hold the number, select send message, type the amount of your donation (e.g. $100), hit send, and you'll be guided through the rest of the process.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Grace and truth,

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