Family Ministry 2018-2019 Dates

5 (W) County Fair On The Lawn
7 (F) Five Date (Date #2)
9 (Sun) Worship Discover Share Club, Tribe Wonder of Worship, Tribe Choir, Youth Choir ,and Bells Begins AND Tribe Parent Meeting
11 (Tues) G2 (Guys)
12 (W) Wednesday Night Programming Begins and Dishin' with Dolores
16 (Sun) Youth Parent Meeting and Lunch with Family Group 1 Leaders and PS3 Teachers
21 (F) Five Date (Date #3)
23 (Sun) 2nd Grade Bible Presentation (11:20 service) AND MainKids Parent Meeting AND Lunch with Family Group 2 Leaders and Nursery, Toddler, and PS1 Teachers
29 (Sat) Kid's Day Out
30 (Sun) Lunch with Family Group 3 Leaders and 3rd/4th Grade Teachers
5-6 (F-Sat) Rite of Passage Retreat for 6th graders and parents
7 (Sun) Lunch with Family Group 4 Leaders, 2nd Grade Teachers, and PS2 Teachers
9 (Tues) G2 (Guys)
12 (F) Five Date (Date #4)
14 (Sun) ZERO PLANS Day (no post worship programming)
17 (W) Tribe Bells Begin
21 (Sun) Lunch with Tribe Leaders and PreK, K and 1st Grade Teachers
26 (F) Friday Fun Night
28 (S) WDS Club Presentation at Business Meeting
31 (W) No Family Ministry Programming
4 (Sun) Last WDS Club and WOW Meeting
9 (F) Five Date (Date #5)
10 (Sat) Tribe Lock-In and Youth Vespers Overnight
11 (Sun) Fall Festival
13 (Tues) G2 (Guys)
18 (Sun) No Family Ministry Programming 
21 (W) No Family Ministry Programming