Our Lenten Journey

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week

March 25, Palm Sunday

This Sunday we draw near enough to hear the fickle crowd that shouted “hosanna” one day and “crucify” the next, Palm Sunday invites us to consider our need to worship together. Worshipping the true and living God together calls us to seek God’s Kingdom and serve God’s will.

March 28, Special Midtown Midweek Holy Week Bible Study

As Easter approaches and we walk the path of Holy Week, Steve Wells will lead us in an in-depth station by station exploration of what happened the week of Jesus’s crucifixion. In order to truly experience the joy of Easter, we must also fully understand the path of suffering which led to the Cross-- the events, the sacrificial love, and a sense of Christ’s experience. Please join us for this special and compelling Bible study in which we walk the way of the Cross together.

March 29, 30, Service of Shadows

The meaning and gravity of Holy Week is poignantly conveyed through the stained glass window of the Westmoreland Chapel and the feel of the space in descending light as this service moves from beginning to end. The scriptural narrative, the music, our prayers, and the sharing of communion evoke the darkness of the crucifixion and convey the depth of Jesus’ sacrifice as we reflect these evenings within the shadow of the cross. Childcare for nursery, preschool, and school-age children is provided for this service which begins at 7:00 PM.

March 31, Children’s Easter Celebration

This annual family tradition begins in the Sanctuary on Saturday, March 31 at 9:30 AM, as we hear a story from Dave the Donkey about what he thought was going to happen to the King as they rode into Jerusalem before the first Easter. Every child should bring an Easter basket because after the story, families are invited outside to hunt for as many eggs as their basket will hold. Each child (4th grade and younger) will receive a bag filled with goodies.

April 1, Easter worship

We celebrate Resurrection Sunday, praising from the depths of our souls Christ who died and rose again. Brass and percussion will usher in the Procession of Joy as shouts of Alleluia are heard both near and far. Our 9:00 AM and 11:20 AM worship will be filled with great congregational singing. We will have regular Sunday School at 10:10 AM.