Stewardship Campaign

To be made complete

We gather to worship each week and encourage one another in fellowship, but our discipleship is not complete if we’re not giving to God’s purposes.After season of great focus and prayer, our congregation has clarified what we believe God's purposes are for our church in 2018 and set them down in our budget. Each member of this greatchurch can be a part of how we accomplish what we’ve agreed on pursuing together. If you’ve pledged to the budget and given in the past, thank you for your faithfulness and generosity and we’d encourage you to do so again this year. If you haven’t, you can be a part of something remarkable as we're challenging 40 new givers/families who have not given before to commit through auto-draft to give $85 per month which will add up to $1000 by the end of 2018. Whether you are someone who has been giving of your resources to the church for a long time or are thinking about beginning, prayerfully consider giving regularly this year so that, more and more each day and each week, your discipleship will be made complete.