Every thirst quenched by the Living Water.

Jesus called himself the Living Water, and his sustaining spirit is God’s solution to each human need we face during the course and challenges of life. We’ve found these words to be a useful and inspiring vision as we consider how best to follow God’s command to serve others and find spiritual nourishment in our own lives. In each act of worship, in all our discipleship efforts, and in every one of our mission endeavors, we seek to quench thirsts of all kinds with Christ’s Living Water.

Midtown Midweek

Wednesday, APRIL 8, 2020 6:30 PM

Church campus is closed. Join us online.

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From Pastor Steve:


Dear South Mainers,

As you are probably aware, the Harris County Judge has extended the stay-at-home order to extend through April 30. This is consistent with guidance received at the federal, state, and city levels. For this reason, coupled with our own judgment, the South Main congregation will continue to worship...

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Daily Devotion

THURSday, APRIL 9, 2020


Mark 14: Listen here  

Monday over Coffee

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The United States Navy is skilled at many things, not least among these is how it names its vessels. There are ships called the Audacious, the Brave, the Comfort, the Defiance, the Dauntless, the Hope, the Sturdy, the Tranquility, and the Victorious, but my favorites are these: the Resolute, the Intrepid, and the Onward.


Monday over Coffee


A Holy Week Prayer

Adult Ministry

Family Ministry

Our Family Ministry celebrates and nurtures children from infancy though high school graduation. Every Sunday, led by committed and caring adults, kids open Bibles, sing, learn, worship, and play in safe, consciously designed spaces. Throughout the week, kids enjoy music activities, Play Days (parents' days out), camps, and mission opportunities. We also provide support and community for parents and caregivers, so that families can grow together toward authentic and lasting faith in Christ.

Music Ministry

Music speaks a language that words alone cannot. With vocal and instrumental ensembles for all ages, South Main uses the language of music to express the joys and sorrows of our daily lives in worship and ministry.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is a vital part of how we seek God, connect with God, and care for one another. South Main maintains a current list of the congregation’s prayer needs so that we can support both our community—our members and loved ones—and the ongoing ministries of the church. South Main’s Prayer Room, located on the second floor of the Loessner Building, adjacent to the Welcome Center, is a quiet place of retreat to hold up to God our needs, griefs, celebrations, and doubts. 

“Worship, discover, share” is South Main’s roadmap for Christian discipleship. Each week, we endeavor to worship God, discover God’s Word, and share with each other and those in need, as we seek balance, direction, and a sacred rhythm for our lives.