Worship & Special Events

The liturgical calendar brings rhythm and structure to the worship experiences at South Main, and music plays a special role in bringing each season to life. Every year at Advent, we experience anew the eager anticipation of the coming of the Messiah, the sweet tradition of Christmas Eve together, and the joy and love of Christmas. In the spring, we mark Ash Wednesday and observe the solemnity of the weeks leading up to Christ's crucifiixon—culminating in a series of daily Holy Week services, including a special Service of Shadows. Then we are renewed by the sudden, boundless joy of Easter, which propels us into the rest of the year.

Special Events and Projects

South Main has also offered several special musical events and projects over the years. Some of the more recent projects have been a Sanctuary Choir album, a concert with our surrounding Main Street church, our Sanctuary Choir performing Mozart's Requiem, and a digital Christmas performance.

I Was Glad Album
Main Street Choir Festival
Mozart Requiem
Sanctuary in Light