Monday over Coffee

Need Some Words of Encouragement?





The United States Navy is skilled at many things, not least among these is how it names its vessels. There are ships called the Audacious, the Brave, the Comfort, the Defiance, the Dauntless, the Hope, the Sturdy, the Tranquility, and the Victorious, but my favorites are these: the Resolute, the Intrepid, and the Onward.


As we press ahead through this new season of ‘staying put,’ its precipitant medical storm and all the accompanying economic headwinds, I hope that these three words will give you heightened courage to face what’s before you this week, displacing any sense of fear or anxiety present in your life.


Resolute. Intrepid. Onward.


As you offer this prayer to God, breathe these words in and out. Let them elevate your spirit, renew your mind, and fill the gaps between your heart’s uncertainties. Keep them close this week to inspire and lift your soul above the choppy waterline as you forge ahead, caring for yourself and for others.


God, direct me toward the sustenance I need; to all that which strengthens me— to sunlight, to good conversation, to movement, to meaningful work, and to rest. Grant me resilience. Restore me from exhaustion. I resolve to brighten your world with Christ’s light. I shall never cause Your creation to be dimmed. I am resolute.


Resolute. Intrepid. Onward.


God, though physically restricted, let me be an explorer, pursuing through mind and heart a new intimacy with You, a new spiritual closeness with those I love, and new currents which lead me toward new places I may serve. In these pursuits, I pray for adventure. I am intrepid.


Resolute. Intrepid. Onward.


God, help me to shed old ways that have outlasted their usefulness.  Unshackle me from sin and waste. Calm my fears and tendency to worry. Steady me. Help me to forgive, to forbear, and to pioneer in the ways of mercy. Rudder my life more closely to that of Christ’s. I pray for forward progress. Onward.


Resolute. Intrepid. Onward.


Finally, God, I seek Your healing for those in need all around me. Bestow endurance to the beleaguered, safe harbor for those serving in the storm, buoyant hope to those adrift in sorrow and in pain, and for all, O God, a hastening toward blue skies ahead. 


Resolute. Intrepid. Onward.