Come Aboard

Things are picking up!

As we continue to emerge from the crisis of the last year, South Main is beautifully positioned to, perhaps more than ever, do good work throughout our city, our nation, and the world. Yes, there’s a lot of need, but God has provided by strategically placing an exceptionally Kingdom-minded congregation at 4100 Main Street in Houston, Texas.

As activity between downtown and the medical center begins to notch upward and as the trains that zoom by our church get back up to speed, we’re asking each and every church member, here in the new year, to come aboard, taking up the exciting work envisioned in our recently adopted 2021 budget.

And, this is an “all aboard” call. If you’ve given to the church for a long time or a short time, please continue to do so. You have put us in this position, at this station as it were, making such a difference in our community. Even as I express this gratitude, I also want to make a special call to all who haven’t given in the past or haven’t given systematically in the past. I invite you to become a part of what’s being done in missions, in worship, in fellowship, and in strengthening an institution from which such remarkable work arises year after year both in times of blessing and in difficult times. Consistent giving and consistent participation really does have a quantum effect not only on the church, but inside each of our lives too. So, come aboard!

Here’s the ask: please click on the button below to complete a commitment form with respect to the 2021 annual budget. You can also automate your giving by clicking the auto-draft button below. Whichever way you proceed, I want to encourage you to come aboard. We’re in this together and there’re great destinations ahead.

Grace and truth,