Andrea Hoxie

Andrea Hoxie is one of many who visited South Main for a number of years before making the commitment to join the congregation officially.

"For many years, I worked in music ministry at several different churches around the city." But after being tangentially attached to these churches for so long, she realized she wasn't getting the spiritual nourishment she needed. "I decided that I needed a church family of my own more than I needed to be in music ministry. I had visited South Main frequently since 1997. After looking for churches in my neighborhood and finding that none were a good fit for me, I remembered my worship experiences at South Main and the really nice people that welcomed me whenever I visited."

Andrea began visiting South Main in earnest in 2003, along with a good friend who also later joined South Main. On the first Sunday in April, she decided to join. When people of all ages lined up to welcome her to the South Main family that day, Andrea knew she was home.

"South Main is now woven into the fabric of my being," she says. "I enjoy spending time with my 'South Main At Home' group and my Sunday School community and connecting with other South Mainers through social media. The approachable and responsive ministerial staff here at South Main are like none other I have ever known, as are the kindness and generosity of the South Main family. I have found new meaning in The Word through Steve Wells' Bible study, and a better understanding of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit than I had through study on my own."