Bobbye Lott and Dorothy Griffin

Bobbye Lott and Dorothy Griffin have been friends for more than 50 years. Both joined South Main as newlyweds—Dorothy in 1949 and Bobbye in 1961.

Dorothy recalls that she and her husband were invited "very persuasively" by one of her husband's coworkers. They were drawn in by the people and the programs—as well as worship in the beautiful Sanctuary. For Bobbye, "South Main was my husband's home church, so when we moved to Houston we joined. Now it is my home, as much as the place I live."

Bobbye always regarded Dorothy as a valued mentor and role model in Sunday School teaching and mission leadership. Over the years, "I taught her children and grandchildren, and she taught mine." Now both widowed, Dorothy and Bobbye continue to come to South Main, to lead classes and mentor others.

"What makes South Main unique," reflects Bobbye, "is the freedom to discuss beliefs, questions, and doubts openly. There are opportunities and encouragement for every member to seek his or her gifts and use them to serve. Because of South Main, I feel God's Spirit within me throughout every day, and I know that He is always with me." Dorothy adds, "The opportunity to work with people from around the world has made God more relevant in my own life. Having South Main friends with whom to share joys and sorrows is a source of inspiration."