The Fox Family

Angie Treinen first visited South Main while making the rounds visiting churches in Houston with a group of friends in the early 2000s. After attending worship one Sunday morning, Angie and her friends knew they wanted to come back: "The preaching was good—and it just felt like home. People were real and friendly. There were women in leadership roles. And they sang hymns from hymnals!"

After joining South Main and finding a Sunday school community, Angie met Stephen Fox. Stephen had first come to the South Main College Department as student at the University of Houston in the 1990s.

Angie and Stephen married, and now South Main forms a strong foundation for their family life. "Coming on Sundays and Wednesday is just 'what we do,'" says Angie. "I cannot imagine not attending. South Main has made a big impact on my relationship with God and Jesus Christ. I don't feel intimidated by other people's knowledge of the Bible or their faith. I feel comfortable asking questions in Sunday school and of my friends."