The Negrete Family

When Diana López first joined South Main, she was a single mom and a hard-working college student. "The very first person I was introduced to was Family Minister Dolores Rader. She welcomed us with loving, open arms. The Family Ministry has been a huge blessing in our lives. I've met so many caring, wonderful, and devoted parents in this place."

Now married, Diana and her husband Jaime Negrete enjoy participating in the life of the church and seeing their children grow up here. "South Main is my home church. South Main is my family," reflects Diana.

"The South Main family is devoted, attentive, and very supportive of parents. They welcome every person and take great delight in bringing each one closer into the Kingdom of God. South Main has a lot to do with how I judge my life's shortcomings for the better. This place and its grace have helped me see the good. It has helped me become kinder towards myself. If imperfect people can be kind, loving, and caring—the hands and feet of Jesus—then a most gracious God does exist. Because of South Main, I can see God in my life."