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A Message from Pastor Steve - January 20

On this Inauguration day, Pastor Steve brings us a message of perspective. How can we as followers of Christ be people of hope for all people.? How can you encourage someone today?

Worship Planning with Carey Cannon - January 22

Our Minister of Music and Worship, Carey Cannon, brings us a glimpse into the musical selections for this Sunday's Worship.

"How Can I Keep From Singing" (arr. Ellingboe) by One Accord

A beautiful offering from our men's ensemble, One Accord, during this past Sunday's Worship service. "Through all the tumult and the strife I hear the music ringing; It sounds an echo in my soul How can I keep from singing?"

"M.L.K." (arr. Bob Chilcott) performed by The King Singers

As we remember the great Baptist preacher, Martin Luther King Jr, today, let us determine to “sing of Your love and justice….” Psalm 101:1 and choose for ourselves actions that make MLK's dream a reality.

One Spirit One Body Bible Study

Beginning Tuesday, January 19 at 6:00 PM, Matt Walton and a host of South Main panelists will join Jewel London and a group from The Church Without Walls for a study of the book of Ephesians together.

Main/Stream: Interview with Dr. Angela Gorrell

The Reverend Dr. Angela Gorrell joined Greg Funderburk and talked about the mysterious capacity of joy to be felt even in the midst of suffering.

Fresh Faith. Vintage Church.

Sundays at South Main

South Main is a family of grace, discovering Jesus Christ together and sharing His love with the world. Every Sunday we gather for worship and fellowship, beginning early with Manna worship with our homeless neighbors, and continuing with study and fellowship in our Sunday School communities, traditional worship in the Sanctuary, and lunch in the Fellowship Hall.

Family Ministry

Our Family Ministry celebrates and nurtures children from infancy though high school graduation. Every Sunday, led by committed and caring adults, kids open Bibles, sing, learn, worship, and play in safe, consciously designed spaces. Throughout the week, kids enjoy music activities, Play Days (parents' days out), camps, and mission opportunities. We also provide support and community for parents and caregivers, so that families can grow together toward authentic and lasting faith in Christ.

Music Ministry

Music speaks a language that words alone cannot. With vocal and instrumental ensembles for all ages, South Main uses the language of music to express the joys and sorrows of our daily lives in worship and ministry.

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