Steve Wells addressing the congregation with the Sanctuary Choir behind during his sermon on September 24
Sermon: September 24, 2023

Sermon – "Children of God"

This past Sunday, we examined what it means to have faith like a child, accentuated by children’s leadership in our gathered time of worship. Pastor Steve encouraged us to “get little,” as a little child, practicing profound humility, wonder, and love. Given the extremely low status of children in the ancient world, these words take on an even deeper meaning. This week, think about a way that you need to “get little” in your own life—a part of your life in which you are too big and not letting God be God.

SMBC sanctuary choir singing


We believe the worship of God is unceasing and preeminent in our lives. It is only from the worship of God that we can discover more about who God is and share that which God has done for us. On Sunday mornings at 10:00, we gather in our Sanctuary to worship God communally. South Main’s worship services are usually led musically by organ, piano, Sanctuary Choir, and/or one of our other choirs or ensembles.

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Woman reading the Bible


We believe people are created and called by God to grow throughout our lives as individuals and together in faith as God’s family.  At South Main we become more like Jesus over the arc of our lives as we discover God’s family and discover God’s Word. We discover God’s Word when we cultivate Biblical literacy, engage in theological curiosity, and nurture growth in wisdom.  We discover God’s family when we connect in community, embrace our calling, and share our gifts and resources for God’s Kingdom.

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Child raising hand in Sunday school


The Family Ministry at South Main celebrates the big and small of childhood from the birth of a child to their send-off from high school into a world of their own. We value excellence, creativity, intentionality, and safety in all that we do. And we strive to combine the influence of a multigenerational church—with a history of servant leadership, educationally rich discipleship, and glorious worship—with the influence of the home, where parents and caregivers have the greatest effect and understanding of their children.

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