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Summer Seminars

Through the month of July we are offering additional Discipleship opportunities via Zoom webinar. Join us live at the days/times listed below or you may access the recordings afterwards on the South Main media page.

COVID-19 Advisory Task Force Update: June 27, 2020

COVID-19 Advisory Task Force Update: June 27, 2020: Since we last updated you on June 18 with the recommendation related to small group gatherings, the Houston COVID-19 data trends have deteriorated rapidly, with confirmed positive cases, hospitalizations, and ICU usage surging, along with most...

Summer Seminar Preview with Matt Walton

Matt Walton brings us a preview of the Summer Seminars we are offering for the month of July. Join us Wednesdays and Sundays for our live webinars, or watch later on our media page.

Summer Seminar - Reformation Theology with Steve Turley

Have you ever wondered why Baptists believe that all people have personal access to God? This series will explore how and where such beliefs arose during the time of the Reformation.

Midtown Midweek - July 1

Claire Hein-Blanton explores a key scripture passage about community in a period of unrest, as highlighted by German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Summer Seminar - Missions Roundtable with EAC, SEARCH, and Manna

Join us for a roundtable discussion from some of our local missions partner representatives from the EAC, SEARCH, and our Manna ministry.

A Message from Pastor Steve - July 8

Pastor Steve brings us a message as we continue to navigate through this now normal together.

Organ Discoveries - Marcel Dupré's Prelude and Fugue

Yuri McCoy, South Main Organist, brings us another fun (and spooky) Organ Discoveries with Dupré's Prelude and Fugue with a twist.

Worship Planning with Carey Cannon - Episode 17

Carey Cannon brings us a look into this Sunday's worship and how food informed the music for this weeks service.

Steve Wells’ Homily at George Floyd’s Memorial Service

Pastor Remus Wright and Co-Pastor Mia Wright, family: I am humbled to be asked to be here today.

The Apostle John, whom Jesus called the “beloved Apostle,” wrote in his first epistle:

Sermon - July 5

Greg Funderburk brings us his message focused on Paul’s words to the Romans: 'Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.'

Midtown Midweek - July 8

Claire Hein Blanton will explore key scripture passages about community in a period of unrest, as highlighted by German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Monday over Coffee

NOW The neuroscientists have reported in. They estimate our brains experience and consider the brief period we think of as ‘now’ as three seconds long, and of course it is always vanishing into thin air right before us. That is to say, ‘now’ is a slippery little sucker. It’s a moving target. There...

Devotion from Pastor Steve

Your devotion from Pastor Steve as we journey through our time of social distance.

Fresh Faith. Vintage Church.

Sundays at South Main

South Main is a family of grace, discovering Jesus Christ together and sharing His love with the world. Every Sunday we gather for worship and fellowship, beginning early with Manna worship with our homeless neighbors, and continuing with study and fellowship in our Sunday School communities, traditional worship in the Sanctuary, and lunch in the Fellowship Hall.

Family Ministry

Our Family Ministry celebrates and nurtures children from infancy though high school graduation. Every Sunday, led by committed and caring adults, kids open Bibles, sing, learn, worship, and play in safe, consciously designed spaces. Throughout the week, kids enjoy music activities, Play Days (parents' days out), camps, and mission opportunities. We also provide support and community for parents and caregivers, so that families can grow together toward authentic and lasting faith in Christ.

Music Ministry

Music speaks a language that words alone cannot. With vocal and instrumental ensembles for all ages, South Main uses the language of music to express the joys and sorrows of our daily lives in worship and ministry.

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