Sunday Worship

Multicolor jigsaw puzzle. The piece that is missing has the word Belong next to it.

Belong – Week 7

Our sermon series focused on the church as a place of belonging concludes this week with a close look at the story of the feeding of the five thousand. It’s a Gospel episode which shows us that God’s economy of belonging is one based not on scarcity, but on abundance. There is a place for all and enough for all. To draw a vivid picture of this idea, we will share the Lord’s Supper during worship and take up a special offering for our benevolence ministry. We also mark Matt Walton’s 5th year anniversary as our church’s Minister for Discipleship and celebrate Matt’s continuing ministry at South Main.



Baby's nursery with pink walls and a pink ornate crib with toys on the floor

Monday Over Coffee: "Agility"

There are definitely two camps on this: Some parents like to know the gender of their baby beforehand; some don’t. My wife, Kelly, and I fell into the latter category, but at a prenatal appointment related to the upcoming birth of our first child, our sonogram technician—while scoping out the monitor—made a comment. “Pretty as a peach,” she said.

What's Coming Up

Multiple stacks of The Adventure Bible with blue leather covers

1st Grade Bible Presentation

Do you remember receiving your very first Bible? Maybe it included a handwritten note citing scripture from your children’s minister and the signature of your pastor at the front. Surely it was prayed over so you might have a life-long love of scripture and reliable navigation for all your days. This is the very gift our first-graders will receive in the worship service on September 24. Each week they will read from these Bibles at church and at home establishing a foundation steeped in God’s Word and a habit of regularly reading scripture.
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MainStreamers: Steve Wells

Steve Wells will be our guest at MainStreamers on September 26 to give us a preview of what’s coming up at South Main in the last quarter of the year from the pulpit, around the church, and in our community. He will answer your questions and provide the latest from the Campus Master Plan Task Force busy at work on what’s ahead for our congregation. Don’t miss this chance to quiz our pastor about all that is happening at South Main.
Food Pantry Sunday

Food Pantry Sunday


On the first Sunday of each month, we collect items most sought after in our community and deliver them to the Emergency Aid Coalition. Check the link below to order directly from Amazon or to determine what is most needed at this time. Thank you for supporting this important ongoing ministry.
Pictures Alicia Gilpin and Selena Pellerin featured with information about the upcoming tough topics event

Tough Topics: Hard Conversations

Plan to stay again on Sunday, October 1 for another round of how to talk to our kids led by Alicia Gilpin, MA, LPC (bottom right photo) and Selenia Pellerin, MA, LPC-Supervisor (bottom right photo) from Rise Wellness group. Register ahead to attend, order lunch, and sign up for free childcare. For those who pre-pay for lunch through this registration, lunch will be delivered to the choir suite and kid's meals will be delivered directly to them for a hassle-free experience for you!
Silhouettes of fir trees against a gray-green background with the text Fall 2023 Reunion Senior Adult Retreat

Senior Adult Retreat

The theme for our October 3-5 Senior Adult Retreat is one of Reunion! We will leave Houston and reunite at Camp Allen outside of Navasota on Tuesday, October 3, ready to celebrate this annual time of being together, enjoying one another’s company, singing, games, good food, recreation, and some wonderful teaching from our staff. Steve Wells, Adam Cogliano, and Greg Funderburk will offer presentations on stories of Reunion from Scripture, and Dolores Rader and the Family Ministry Team will lead our games on Tuesday night. Don’t miss this…


Tuesday, September 26
9:00 AMMainStreamers Games
11:30 AMLunch Served
12:00 PMMainStreamers – Steve Wells
Wednesday, September 27
5:00 PMFellowship Supper served
5:50 PMFamily Ministry Programming begins
6:30 PMAdult Discipleship Offerings
7:35 PMSanctuary Choir Rehearsal
Sunday, October 1
8:00 AMManna Worship
10:00 AMWorship
11:00 AMAdult Bible Study and Family Ministry Programming
12:00 PMFellowship Lunch
12:30 PMMainKids/Tribe Musical Rehearsal
Youth Servant Leadership Development Program
Tough Topics: Hard Conversations