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This ministry provides a reliable tethering between those in our congregation who worship in the Sanctuary each week and those who are no longer able to attend worship services due to infirmity. Lay ministers are assigned to those who must remain at home due to such challenges, connecting with them on a regular basis with visits, phone calls, notes of encouragement, and the delivery of lilies at Easter and poinsettias at Christmas time.

Hospital Visits

The church is instructed to visit the sick and pray for those in need. Our hospital visitation ministry is led by our staff as our ministry team spends time on an ongoing basis each week traveling to area hospitals to visit those who are hospitalized. In addition, our diaconate supplements this effort, with our deacon hospital visitation team and their regular visits to hospitals all over our city.

FaithCare Connection

FaithCare Connection is a service provided by our mission partner Amazing Place. When a member of the church or someone in their family is suffering with dementia, FaithCare Connection is one of the sources our ministerial staff turns to in order to provide resources and support to the person suffering and to their loved ones. With vital expertise and a host of practical services at the ready, reaching out to FaithCare Connection is a vital first step to obtain the quality care that is available with respect to caregiving as families in our church navigate the difficult terrain of living with and caring for those suffering from dementia.

If you would like to know more about any of these ministries, contact Greg Funderburk.