The South Main Baptist Foundation

Generosity Meets Passion

The South Main Baptist Foundation is built on the generosity of those who have a passion for God and His church at South Main. Since 1985, the South Main Baptist Foundation has supported the Kingdom work of South Main Baptist Church, providing grants for countless missions and ministry efforts and the capital needs of our Church. The Foundation holds, preserves, and grows funds that are not part of the Church’s regular budget, and its board of nine directors manage those resources for the exclusive benefit of South Main Baptist Church and its ministries. It’s less like a savings account and more like an endowment from which a small amount is made available for use by the church each year while the bulk stays intact, preserving it for future generations.

Tom Williams

The Thomas J. Williams 100 Year Fund

In 2017, South Main Baptist Church established The Thomas J. Williams 100 Year Fund as a legacy honoring Tom’s many years of loving care of South Main's campus and of its people. The express purpose of the fund is to preserve the physical campus, specifically through funding the capital maintenance and related capital improvement needs of the church well ahead into the 21st Century. The initial goal of the fund was $7,000,000. By the end of 2022, the fund had already reached $2,412,641. This is great progress, and a testament to Tom’s legacy at South Main.

Giving to the Foundation

To make a gift to the South Main Baptist Foundation or the Williams Fund, or to consider them in your family’s estate planning, please contact Jill Petrie in the church office.