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About South Main Baptist Church

Fresh faith. Vintage church. South Main Baptist has a legacy of diversity going back more than a century, and a passion for service that extends across the seven counties of the Houston metro area and beyond. We are a vibrant, multigenerational family of faith that comes together for traditional worship every Sunday, and then seeks to carry the Grace we've experienced out into the world in all aspects of our lives. As a congregation, we strive to be inclusive, sharing the love of Jesus Christ and God’s abounding Grace with all, and supporting one another as we journey together along life’s path. We also value questions, realizing that doubt is part of faith, and believing that church should be the safest place to ask real, difficult questions about life and to grapple with the answers.

Our History

South Main has been a part of the fabric of the community here in Houston for more than 110 years. Located between downtown and the Texas Medical Center, South Main’s history intertwines closely with the development and growth of Midtown. The church’s congregation has been active in missions and ministries locally and abroad throughout its history and is known for its progressive mindset regarding issues such as civil rights and women in ministry.

Weddings at South Main

At South Main Baptist Church, we celebrate the covenant and the beautiful journey that you are beginning together. We believe that the union of husband and wife was established by God in creation and intended by God for your mutual joy, and for help and comfort in prosperity and adversity. Therefore we want to plan and build your marriage with as much love and care as we plan and celebrate your wedding.

Our Facilities

South Main Baptist Church is located at 4100 Main Street in Houston. Our campus sits at the corner of Main Street and Richmond Avenue, in the heart of Midtown. Halfway between downtown and the Texas Medical Center, South Main is a beautiful oasis in the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Houston.



This Sunday we gather online for worship on Palm Sunday, faced with the paradoxical story of triumph and humility communicated to us within the story of Jesus’s palm-lined entrance into Jerusalem at the beginning of Holy Week. Join your church family for worship at smbc.org as together we humbly enter Holy Week moving toward the tragic and humbling events of Good Friday, then divinely, mercifully, and gracefully onward toward the triumph of Easter Sunday.

Midtown Midweek

Wednesday, APRIL 1, 2020 6:30 PM

Church campus is closed.

Matt Walton will lead us in a weekly Bible study through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Paul wrote this letter from prison, and expressed a deep longing to see his Philippian friends face to face. In their separation Paul reminds his readers of God’s presence and work in the world and in us. Philippians calls us to hope, gratitude, and perseverance in the midst of hardship.

Health Alerts


See Pastor Steve's video message

From Pastor Steve:


Dear South Mainers,

As you are probably aware, the Harris County Judge has extended the stay-at-home order to extend through April 30. This is consistent with guidance received at the federal, state, and city levels. For this reason, coupled with our own judgment, the South Main congregation will continue to worship...

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Daily Devotion

TUESday, APRIL 7, 2020


Mark 12: Listen here 

As Mark chronicled Jesus’ last week, it became clear that Jesus threatened the status quo because the Pharisees and the Herodians came together to entrap Him into saying something that would either make the people angry enough to abandon Him or make the Romans angry enough to kill Him.

Monday over Coffee

Need Some Words of Encouragement?





The United States Navy is skilled at many things, not least among these is how it names its vessels. There are ships called the Audacious, the Brave, the Comfort, the Defiance, the Dauntless, the Hope, the Sturdy, the Tranquility, and the Victorious, but my favorites are these: the Resolute, the Intrepid, and the Onward.


Monday over Coffee


A Holy Week Prayer

“Worship, discover, share” is South Main’s roadmap for Christian discipleship. Each week, we endeavor to worship God, discover God’s Word, and share with each other and those in need, as we seek balance, direction, and a sacred rhythm for our lives.

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