Waterfall from a small fountain in the SMBC courtyard

South Main has a legacy of worship and service going back more than a century in the Houston Midtown area. We also look forward, seeking to live a fresh faith in today’s world. We have a dynamic and diverse congregation from across seven counties in the Houston metro area.

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.

John 7:38

We are a mission-minded church committed to authentic worship and deep discipleship. South Main’s vision statement is Every Thirst Quenched by the Living Water, and these words inspire us to best follow God’s command to serve others and find spiritual nourishment in our own lives.

Worship. Discover. Share.

Our church is organized around three principles that make for a healthy Christian life: Worship, Discover, and Share. These three Christian disciplines make up the roadmap for discipleship that we strive to follow, and everything that happens here is an expression of one or more of these principles. Each week, we endeavor to worship God, discover God’s Word, and share with each other and with others in need as we seek a balance, direction, and a sacred rhythm for our lives.

Worship graphicWhen we come to God in worship, we glimpse who we are created to be. We get a fresh vision of our identity as children of God and are inspired to live out the love and grace we've received. At South Main, we each bring our own unique spiritual gifts to worship, striving together to find our voices in a way that is natural and true to our instincts in reaching for and seeking God. We believe that worship is not just attendance, it's a vocation. We choose what we worship every day and every moment with our time, efforts, money—in short, our lives. Our commitments can drain us or lead us to a vibrant source of water. We seek the Living Water and pray that others will find it with us.

Discover graphicThe core of discovery is learning about Christ, finding encouragement and inspiration to model the life of Christ in our own lives. South Main has a rich history of Christian education and a collective yearning to love God with our minds as well as our hearts. “Discover” also means finding our spiritual gifts. We’re all created in God’s image. Exploring our minds and souls with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to find our spiritual gifts and vocational talents brings us closer to our true selves, the people God created us to be. We believe that life is meant to be an adventure, and that God intends our lives to be fulfilling and brimming over with His presence. “Discover” represents our commitment to pursue what God is whispering to each of of us, and then find ways to shout it to the world.

Share graphicFar from being a burden, sharing is an integral part of a full Christian life. Our calling as Christians is to be attuned to the world’s thirsts and share the Living Water with those in need. Some thirst literally for water, while others thirst for shelter for their children, a pair of shoes that fit, healing of a broken body, a life filled with meaning and purpose, or someone to show them they are not alone. In sharing—giving and pouring ourselves out to the world—we experience the abundance Jesus promised. In feeding, clothing, visiting, and giving, we discover the truth and grace of Jesus. By sharing of the abundance God has given each of us and by modeling a giving lifestyle to those around us, we grow as disciples of Jesus.